• Men's Health

      Design and development work for Men's Health Workouts and Hot Body Yoga iPhone Apps.

      The Hot Body Yoga iPhone App by Women's Health provides timed yoga workouts, complete with instructions, images and audio. Users can log their progress as well as select background music. My role involved updating wireframes, engineering the interface and database on iPhone, and building a server side content management system. The Men's Health Workouts iPhone app also provides hundreds of exercises and workout routines. Users can log their performance and also receive new exercises. My role here was to add new features, fix bugs and release updates.

    • Mens Health
    • Plottme

      Plott.me is an iPhone/web application for creating and sharing guided tours.

      This project began as an exploration of narrative in a physical context. The narrative takes the form of a story that takes place over several locations, in the form of a guided tour. Using the location-aware technology of mobile phones, we're able to deliver on-site, on-demand stories that responds to the user's physical environment. This enables an immersive experience beyond what typical outlets can deliver. Alternatively, a location based story can also be viewed using the Plott.me web interface. Using Google Street View's panoramic images, one can experience the same story in the virtual location. Finally Plott.me leverages user generated content by providing online tools for users to create their own story.

    • Plott.me
    • BodyBeats

      BodyBeats is an interactive musical wall that turns your body into a musical instrument.

      This spatial media project seeks to bring people together in a fun musical context. It is a musical wall sequencer that turns a participant's face into a musical note. One person creates a unique note depending on where their face is facing the wall. In the same way a group of people's musical notes becomes a melodic composition. This is a casual yet universally appealing way to draw strangers together in a public space.

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    • Pantomeme

      Pantomeme is a live streaming game for playing charades with your friends.

      Charades has traditionally been a well-known party game played in fixed spaces such as a living room. This project aims to bring charades to a new virtual space with the use of live web camera and instant chat technologies. Players take turns acting out a work or phrase, while others make guesses in the form of chat messages. This web experience captures the same liveliness, body language and social interaction as in the traditional game.

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    • Social Surface

      Social Surface is a multi-touch table that visualizes a person's social network using their smart phone.

      This spatial media project seeks to make a person's social network physically tangible. It visualizes a social network of friends and colleagues on a multi-touch table, allowing people to touch, drag and re-arrange these virtual relationships. It gets the social graph from a person's smart phone. Once the person logs into the phone, they would just place it face-down on the table, and their friends would literally spill out onto the table. This is still in it's early prototype phase, but integration would be possible with such networks as facebook, twitter and linked-in.

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    • Ukikit

      Ukikit is an interactive foosball game that can be controlled with your feet.

      Ukikit brings together the best elements of video games, soccer and foosball. At first glance on the screen, it looks like a video game version of foosball between two players. Instead of a traditional video game or foosball interface, each player physically controls their team on the field through soccer style foot motions, like shuffling or kicking. Made years before yet similar to Microsoft's Project Natal, no conventional controllers are required. This draws the casual gamer into a more immersive experience with natural and fun movements.

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    • Twril

      Twril is a glove that controls video playback using hand gestures.

      The Twril Video Glove is a hands on interface for manipulating video playback. The wearer of the glove can use hand gestures to play, pause, stop, skip forward/backward and scan forward/backward. The hand gestures employed are natural and intuitive.This interface explores another way of controlling video beyond the traditional keyboard, mouse and remote control interfaces.

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    • Johnson and Johnson

      Interaction design work made for Johnson and Johnson product sites.

      As an interaction designer for Acuvue.com and Lactaid.com, I designed dynamic interfaces for product browsing, search, comparison and filtering. This helped navigate users through the site's suite of products. I also designed nutrition information graphics, helping users make informed dietary decisions. For Lactaid.com I updated their enrolment wireframes, streamlining their costomer conversion flow.

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    • Mars Snacks

      Interaction design work made for BrightIdeas.com.

      As an interaction designer for BrightIdeas.com, I had a role in conceptualizing and designing the information architecture for the entire site. This included the site map, as well as wireframes for the front page, community pages, content browsing, content submission and featured users. BrightIdeas.com is a community for candy lovers to share their favorite recipe or crafts ideas.

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    • Shopping Mobile App Research

      A concept and design of a mobile app that augments the shopping experience.

      This concept was a result of our user centered design project, intended to discover how consumers gather and process information during their shopping activities. Various user research methods were employed, such as shopping diaries, ethnographic observation and interviews. The insights gained from the research findings were used to design a mobile app that would help shoppers streamline their product research activities, both online and in-store. Features included access to online shopping carts and wish lists, bar code reader and cross-vender comparisons, and in-store check-out.

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